Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the Sawtooth Hotel? The Hotel was built in1931, making it nearly 90 years old. It was closed to the public from 1997 to 2010. Current owners Tim and Becky Cron, along with Becky’s sister Kelli Kerns, purchased the historic hotel in 2004.

Is the building original? For the most part, yes. The new kitchen, deck roof, and front entry were added in 2008-09, along with a complete remodel.

How many rooms? There are nine guest rooms at the Sawtooth Hotel—six are in the historic building, and three in the building behind.

Is there Wifi? Yes.

Do the rooms have televisions? No. We subscribe to the theory that guests in Stanley, Idaho are here for other pursuits—river rafting, kayaking, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, daydreaming.

Do you have any family-friendly rooms? None of the rooms, with the exception of room 2, have two beds. We are glad to rent multiple rooms to families.

Is it loud in the rooms above the dining room? Although we make every effort to keep the dining room noise down after 10 pm, sometimes the good times roll.

Do all the rooms have their own bathrooms? Five rooms have their own baths and four rooms share a common bathroom.

Do you allow dogs? We love dogs, but do not allow them on the property. A couple of places in Stanley do, so if you must stay elsewhere, come to the Sawtooth Hotel for dinner!

Do you allow smoking? No smoking is allowed anywhere on the property.

Are you open year-round? The Hotel is open from the second week of May until the third week of October.

Do you do weddings? No.

What kind of food do you serve? Our dinner menu is best described as Northwest comfort food.

Where do those amazing desserts come from? Stanley Baking Co., of course!

Are the Sawtooth Hotel and Stanley Baking Co. owned by the same people? Yes, with Kelli Kerns as partner to Tim and Becky Cron at the Hotel.

Do you cater? No.

What are those things on the roof facing south? Solar collectors. We installed a state-of-the-art solar thermal system that provides space heat and hot water.

Where did the funky decor come from? In the remodeling process, we furnished the Hotel with antiques found at thrift stores throughout the Northwest.

What’s with the goat? The mascot of the Sawtooth Hotel is Billy Bob the Soul Goat. He gave up his former career as a blues man to offer inspiration to the fine guests of the Hotel.